Welcome to Admiring Betty Gilpin, your online resource dedicated to the amazing Betty Gilpin. You may better remember Betty for her award nominated role in GLOW. But her career also expands to other acting projects such as Nurse Jackie, Gaslit, The Hunt, Stuber, Masters of Sex, Roar, Isn't it Romantic, and most recently, Mrs. Davis. This fansite is under construction and hopes to become a comprehensive resource dedicated to Betty Gilpin and her career. We are absolutely respectful of Betty and her privacy and are proudly a paparazzi-free site!!!
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“Mrs. Davis” Star Betty Gilpin Welcomed the Show’s Tonal Shifts

June 25, 2023   Interviews, Videos

Actress Betty Gilpin not only embraced the wild tonal shifts of the wholly unique Peacock series “Mrs. Davis,” she says she finds the show’s ability to vacillate between comedy, drama, sci-fi and even absurdity much more true to life than the confines of a single genre box. “The show cycles through genres every two pages,” […]

‘Mrs. Davis’: THR Presents Q&A With Betty Gilpin and Owen Harris

June 13, 2023   Interviews, Videos

Last year when Betty Gilpin was filming Mrs. Davis, the Peacock dramedy about a nun who vows to destroy a powerful artificial intelligence, people were barely even talking about ChatGPT — it was, as Gilpin described, “niche.” Now, as audiences binge the show, it’s the topic on everyone’s mind. “As a parent in real life, […]

‘Mrs. Davis’ Star Betty Gilpin Was ‘Desperate’ to Be Part of the ‘Wacky’ Peacock Series

June 6, 2023   Interviews, TV Shows

The phrase “unlike anything else on TV” gets thrown around a lot. But in the case of “Mrs. Davis,” the words apply. “Mrs. Davis” is unlike anything else on TV — currently or otherwise. It’s the story of Sister Simone (Betty Gilpin), a strawberry jam-making nun who is attempting to bring down a malevolent artificial […]

‘Mrs. Davis’ Stars Betty Gilpin and Elizabeth Marvel Tie A.I. to Motherhood

June 6, 2023   Interviews, TV Shows

[Editor’s Note: The following interview contains light spoilers for the “Mrs. Davis” series finale — Episode 8, “The Final Intercut: So I’m Your Horse.”]

Betty Gilpin On Fighting A.I. In ‘Mrs. Davis’ (And Real Life)

June 1, 2023   Interviews

The following interview contains spoilers from the series Mrs. Davis!

The Awardist Interview

May 23, 2023   Interviews

One wouldn’t think that a gorgeous lady of wrestling would have much in common with a nun, but thanks to the physical comedy in Mrs. Davis, Betty Gilpin found the connection. “GLOW was such a crash course in using [everything] from your skull to your toes — everything is involved in your character,” Gilpin, on […]

Betty Gilpin Interview with Gold Derby

May 22, 2023   Interviews, Videos

Betty Gilpin on ‘Mrs. Davis’: ‘It was my favorite experience I’ve ever had.’ The three-time Emmy Award nominee explains why the Peacock series was her most fulfilling project yet. Gold Derby editor Christopher Rosen hosts this webchat.

Betty Gilpin on Her Role in “Mrs. Davis”

May 22, 2023   Interviews, Videos

Betty Gilpin breaks down some key scenes and characters in Mrs. Davis, and relives her ‘Gossip Girl’ audition.

‘Mrs. Davis’: Betty Gilpin On The Final Episode & The “Expertly And Ridiculously Crafted” Origins Of The All-Powerful AI

May 21, 2023   Interviews

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains details from the finale of Peacock’s Mrs. Davis.

Betty Gilpin Is Still Pondering the Mysteries of the “Mrs. Davis” Finale

May 21, 2023   Interviews

This interview includes spoilers for the season finale of Mrs. Davis, “The Final Intercut: So I’m Your Horse.”