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Admiring Betty Gilpin Admiring Betty Gilpin Admiring Betty Gilpin Admiring Betty Gilpin
Admiring Betty Gilpin Admiring Betty Gilpin Admiring Betty Gilpin Admiring Betty Gilpin
April 21, 2023   Comments Off on Betty Gilpin on Playing One Hell of An Action Hero Nun in ‘Mrs. Davis’   Videos

Betty Gilpin speaks with Awards Radar’s Abe Friedtanzer about Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis’

April 20, 2023   Comments Off on Betty Gilpin talked to real nuns for help with her Mrs. Davis character   News, TV Shows

Mrs. Davis is certainly an eccentric show. Betty Gilpin, who stars as a nun named Simone who becomes entangled both in a battle with the titular artificial intelligence and a quest for the Holy Grail, describes the colorful genre mash-up from co-creators Damon Lindelof (Watchmen) and Tara Hernandez (Young Sheldon) as if “someone put a pixie stick, dipped in Coca Cola, inside someone’s imagination.”

But in spite (or maybe, because) of the colorful eccentricities, the show also feels grounded in modern life. Even though ChatGPT doesn’t have Mrs. Davis’ capabilities quite yet, it has pushed “AI” to the front of people’s minds. That resonance wouldn’t work if the human characters in Mrs. Davis didn’t feel real. Gilpin, who admits that she is “not a person of faith,” had to put in work to make Simone feel believable as a believer.

“I think that we’re used to seeing nuns portrayed either as sort of one-dimensional, stoic, climb-every-mountain nuns, or horror movie nuns,” Gilpin tells EW. “I think I really had to work hard to dispel my own notions of what a nun is like and what their lives are like, and really make her a full-fledged person.”

After all, nuns don’t just linger in movies like The Conjuring 2 or reissues of The Sound of Music. There are still women today who take the vows and live in convents — much to the surprise of other Mrs. Davis characters, who constantly ask Simone if her habit and wimple is some kind of Halloween costume. In order to make Simone’s responses authentic, Gilpin sought out some of those real-life nuns.

“I talked to nuns for research for this show and they were all multi-dimensional, feminist, badass, incredibly smart women who were very active in their communities,” Gilpin says. “They were also three very different women. So I felt I owed it to them to make her a very specific person — but it was all there in the writing anyway.”

Gilpin knows a thing or two about writing in her own right — after years of penning occasional guest essays in prominent publications like the New York Times, she published her first book, All the Women in My Brain: And Other Concerns, last year.

Chris Diamantopoulos, who plays anti-AI resistance leader JQ on Mrs. Davis, has nothing but praise for Gilpin’s many talents — even if JQ and Simone often butt heads due to their diametrically opposed personalities. In an interview with EW, Diamantopoulos compares Gilpin’s lead performance in Mrs. Davis to an unholy fusion of Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford, and Daffy Duck.

“She’s so unbelievably fearless,” Diamantopoulos tells EW. “Whether she’s going for vulnerability or insanity, in the moment she is always serving the material and the character. It’s like Betty Gilpin has stepped outside of the building and she’s fully Simone. So for me as an actor, working with her and watching her, I would just stand back like, ‘God damn, that’s the way you do it when you’re number one on the call sheet.'”

That speaks to Gilpin’s experience on past shows, like GLOW, more than her conversations with the nuns. She also says she didn’t ask the nuns for their thoughts on artificial intelligence. They just had one question for her in return.

“They were like, ‘How can we watch the show?'” Gilpin recalled. “I was like, ‘Well, it’s on Peacock. Do you guys have Peacock?’ They were like, ‘Oh, we don’t have streaming.’ Okay, well, that’s fine.”

Anyone who doesn’t live in a convent and does have access to Peacock can stream the first four episodes of Mrs. Davis now, with subsequent installments arriving weekly through May 18.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

April 20, 2023   Comments Off on Betty Gilpin Explains Why the Rumination on ‘Mrs. Davis’ About AI Arrives Right on Time   News, TV Shows

Few things have so dominated the zeitgeist recently like artificial intelligence (AI) — the extremely cool but extremely concerning technology with the power to create images that supersede reality or even compose works of art without human guidance. Of course, tensions between man and machine, and fears that tech could become too dominant and replace us, go back for generations, fueling cautionary tales from John Henry to I, Robot. But in the new series Mrs. Davis, about a nun who goes to battle with an all-knowing AI algorithm, those age-old existential questions get a refreshingly modern update in what’s one of the most enjoyably strange releases of the year.

From Damon Lindelof, purveyor of odd but compelling shows like Lost, The Leftovers, and Watchmen, and Tara Hernandez (The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon), Mrs. Davis stars GLOW alum Betty Gilpin as Simone, a nun tasked with taking on Mrs. Davis, an omnipresent, omniscient algorithm Simone blames for killing her father. There’s way, way more going on in the story — a head-scratching mash-up of sci-fi, drama, comedy, action, and more — that would be impossible to synopsize and would ruin the fun if one tried.

“I had worked with Damon Lindelof on the movie The Hunt, so I knew that he majors in crazy s–t,” Gilpin tells Shondaland in a recent interview. “So, I was expecting some form of crazy s–t. I didn’t know it would be this. I was in from page one; he and Tara have created a wholly original, absolutely insane, ever-changing world.”

April 20, 2023   Comments Off on “Mrs. Davis” Now Streaming   News, TV Shows

The first 4 episodes of Mrs. Davis are now streaming on Peacock!

April 19, 2023   Comments Off on Mrs. Davis Star Betty Gilpin Talks Playing a Nun Who Doesn’t Meet Expectations   News, TV Shows

Mrs. Davis has to be seen to be believed. Peacock’s offbeat new series from Tara Hernandez (The Big Bang Theory) and Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers) is a totally singular creation: the story of a nun, Sister Simone, played by Betty Gilpin, who takes on the fight of her life against a seemingly all-powerful artificial intelligence app. It’s a funky premise brought to fantastic life by Gilpin and the rest of the cast and creative team, whose total commitment turns the series into one of this year’s best debuts yet.

The show’s unexpectedness starts with Simone herself, a woman who colors outside pop culture’s usual nun lines. “I think we’re used to seeing nuns as horror movie nuns or ‘Climb Every Mountain,'” Gilpin told TV Guide. “[They’re] either these perfect, stoic people, or [there’s] blood coming out of their eyes, and they’re transparent and, like, wheeling across the floor at you.”

In preparation for the role, Gilpin spoke with real-life nuns, who, obviously, fit neither box. “They dispelled all the clichés that I had about nuns,” she said. “These are women who, yes, have cut themselves off from certain aspects of life and society, but in order to hyper-connect and be almost living meditations. The work that the women who I spoke to are doing is far more important than memorizing and squinting in a tight dress, which is what I do. So I felt very moved by them.”

“They’re all themselves and different,” Gilpin continued. “And I think that [initially] I was like, ‘Well, I’m playing a nun. She has to be a certain way.’ But actually, she is herself. She just happens to have had this experience that also makes her a person of faith.”

That gives Simone and the show something in common: Neither one is solely defined by any one thing. Mrs. Davis juggles, as Gilpin put it, “11 different genres on every page.”

“I remember filming, sometimes we’d be like, ‘Is this all going to come together as one show?'” she recalled. “To me, it completely does, and is more like life than when a show just sticks to one color or one tone. Life changes genre every five seconds.”

Gilpin isn’t losing sight of how rare a role — and a show — like this one is. “It’s my favorite part I’ve ever played,” she said.

“And it is never, ever, ever boring.”

Source: TV Guide

April 19, 2023   Comments Off on Betty Gilpin On Why She’s Been Waiting Her ‘Whole Life’ For Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis’   News, TV Shows

In the upcoming Peacock original series Mrs. Davis, Betty Gilpin marshals her talents to play Simone, a nun on a mission to stop the world’s most powerful and beloved artificial intelligence, with only her faith and determination to guide her. It’s a potent central role in a wild and ambitious new series from creators Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez, and for Gilpin, it feels like one she was born to play.

“This job asks 100% of me and I immediately was like, ‘I’ve been waiting my whole life for this,’” Gilpin told The Hollywood Reporter at the show’s Los Angeles premiere last week. “It feels like a thousand genres in one and so it was like a cat toy for my brain, really.”

Anyone who’s seen trailers teasing the new show understands what Gilpin’s talking about. Mrs. Davis looks like a wild combination of sci-fi, comedy, drama, and a few other things that might be unclassifiable, and it all centers on Simone. According to Lindelof, who worked with Gilpin on The Hunt, the actress was their first choice for the role, even when they weren’t sure they’d be able to land her.

“When we first started talking about Simone, Betty was on the very early list but she was unavailable, I think, because she’d just had her daughter,” Lindelof said. “That was a bummer but we moved on, and then when we wrote the pilot and set it up at Peacock, everyone started asking, ‘Who is Simone going to be?’ We kept saying that it was a Betty Gilpin-type if we could get her. The question became, ‘Well, has anyone asked her?’ So I emailed her and said, ‘Look, we won’t get our feelings hurt but this thing is perfect for you. Would you be willing to read the script?’”

Gilpin was willing, and by the end of the first meeting with Lindelof and Hernandez, the two creators were thinking of how they could script the show in a way that was even more tailored to their chosen star. For Gilpin herself, whose past work includes everything from Nurse Jackie to GLOW to The Tomorrow War, it always felt like a chance to embody more depth than any other character she’d taken on before.

“I feel like I either play these hardened, sarcastic, sardonic or wry characters or characters who have their arms wide open and are vulnerable and hopeful. This character really is both,” Gilpin said. “She may have started as the first kind but her faith really changed her as a person. We see a lot of flashbacks to what she was like before she was a person of faith. For myself, not being a person of faith, it was an experiment to figure out what it would be like if I really believe in something this deeply and I found that really joyful.”

Source: Syfy

April 18, 2023   Comments Off on Betty Gilpin on “The Daily Show” – April 17, 2023   Talk Shows, Videos

Betty Gilpin was a guest on The Daily Show on Monday, April 17th. Check out her interview via YouTube.

April 18, 2023   Comments Off on Betty Gilpin & Co. on Deciphering Mrs. Davis   News, TV Shows

In dark comedy Mrs. Davis, from creators Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof, Betty Gilpin plays Sister Simone, a motorcycle-riding, take-no-prisoners nun on a quest: to find the holy grail.

Her reasoning has nothing to do with a religious pilgrimage. It’s about something decidedly more modern, in fact: She just wants the show’s titular, ubiquitous artificial intelligence — something seemingly everyone else in the world adores — to leave her alone.

Sister Simone gets some unlikely allies in her ex-boyfriend, the destructive cowboy Wiley (Jake McDorman), and his merry band of meatheads that come with obscure (probably code) names like “JQ” (that one’s played by Chris Diamantopoulos).

What results is a story of a fight among religion, information, and love — three things that have historically had great pull over humanity (sometimes overlapping like a Venn diagram to do so) — for the attention of one woman who really just wants to make jam, ride her horse, and maybe eat her fill of Swedish meatballs from a buffet restaurant.

“When I think about religion, or the church, and the internet, it’s almost like these two institutions were created for the same initial why of people wanting to ask big questions and connect to each other,” Gilpin told Rotten Tomatoes. “And then, we make these institutions that are just answers and ended up disconnecting people. It sort of does the opposite of the why.”

While she has “had an aversion to the church and aversion to the internet because of the negative repercussions that both have had,” Gilpin said, her show is meant to suggest that religious faith “can be very pure and beautiful and inexplicable” versus something like an AI that “is giving you all the answers and everything you want to hear — you’re in a feedback loop of validation.”

“I think that cuts you off from your ability to access the former, which is maybe the reason for being alive,” she says of technology. “So we’re playing with fire.”

That the word “love” has also been used in conjunction with these terms, be it a reference to a messiah or a smartphone, is significant to the story. Technology, especially, feeds on nostalgia and longing. Its very existence means you can keep tabs on former paramours or others who once meant a great deal to you. Co-creator Hernandez even named the AI-in-question after an actual Mrs. Davis, her first- and second-grade teacher, because she said the writers wanted a female-identifying presence who was “benevolent and gave us a structure and care but also was there to drop the hammer if we were stepping out of line.”

April 17, 2023   Comments Off on Betty Gilpin on “TODAY” – April 17, 2023   Talk Shows, Videos

Betty Gilpin was a guest on TODAY this morning! Check out her interview via YouTube.